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Last January. Collllld weather. Back when I took all rides (and during Surge, it paid off).
This wa a pool ride, of course. The names have been changed. Highlights:

Picked up Heckle and Jeckle, girls who were friends, and unrelated NotFelicia from a bar in Lakeview. Maxed out with GetMeOuttaHere, picked up a few blocks later.

Heckle sat up front. Her friend tried to converse with the other riders. Heckle was loud and overbearing, but originally seemed to be helpful, telling me of experiences as a rider.

NotFelicia didn't like the overbearing Heckle who would often tell everyone to shut up even though she was mostly speaking directly with me.
TENSION. Conflict. "Settle down everyone so I can drive safe"

NotFelicia kept saying to Heckle: Shut up, B!
Heckle kept replying: Goodbye, Felicia!

We dropped off GetMeOuttaHere early on.

Heckle: STOP STOP STOP RIGHT AWAY I HAVE TO PEE!!!! NOW NOW (out and back into car in less than a minute.)

Heckle, Jeckle, and NotFelicia exchanged the same insults off and on, for maybe 10 minutes.

After another 10 minutes of driving, OMG I HAVE TO PEE! STOP NOW NOW NOW I DON'T CARE (out and back into car in less than a minute.)

Heckle and NotFelicia somehow realized they both had "babies" the same age. Virtual SCREEECH and whiplash. They stop the name calling and become instant friends, showing pictures of their kids and connecting on social media and doing the Hang 10 "Call Me" symbol as NotFelicia left the car.

Heckle and Jeckle, the so-called friends, soon bickered even more bitterly once the others were gone.

I am nominated, somewhere in heaven, for sainthood...or maybe just sized for the biggest people-pleasing dunce cap of all time.
My patience is wearing thin...

I had wondered all along why the pool ride had taken us north when they told me they lived in Burbank from the outset. Once I dropped off NotFelicia, their address showed up (Note: I know how to see it and confirm, NOW). They had put in 123 Maple Street in Evanston rather than in Burbank. The canceled the ride, requested another Uber POOL, and grabbed my phone (I had it out to show them they had put in the wrong destinaton) and hit ACCEPT for 123 Maple Street....in Morton Grove. They insisted they had entered Burbank. They could not be reasoned with. If this was torture, I'd have confessed to Whatever, right then and there...

BAM. The balls drop. I look for a somewhat safe spot to drop them off in the freezing weather--did so at an all night business in a For Sure Not Gang Infested, Not Crime Ridden Area in Evanston. It wasn't easy. They cussed me out, grabbed my Uber papers from my dashboard, and I Goodbye Felicia'd their derriers out of my car.

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My worst customers ever...

My top 3 worst customers involved police reports for violent altercations

Number 4 is perma blocked from getting cabs over using a for-hire car for the commission of a non-violent crime. (gettaway vehicle for grand Theft shoplifting (Value between $300 and $19,999)

Next come the spillers/pukers.

They are people who cause a huge mess

Then the next like 30 worst could have police reports filed against them but i didn't bother over relativly short unpaid cab fares (<$30)

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I've had some bad ones but based on a pucker factor my worst was as recent as last weekend with 2 male white pax in back seat and 1 grabbed me from behind while driving.

From there it escalated and when I stopped the ride, pax pulls out a hand gun.

FYI - 911 through the Uber app is a complete joke. It does not share your location with the police like Uber advertised . The emergency support number connects you to someone in the Philippines who replies they can't see your location or provide any tracking assistance for authorities. All the emergency button does is allows you to dial 911 from your phone.

Also- Pax keyed my rear passenger door before running from police and Uber just notified me today that they do NOT pay for the damage directly, submit photos to their insurance and will treat the same way as if in an accident with driver having a one thousand dollar deductable.

BS. - it's only about $100 to $150 to repair and they should be able to charge rider just like a $150 cleaning fee.

I was not in an accident. A rider committed assault, battery, brandished a firearm threatening to shoot, intentionally caused damage to driver vehicle.

Also FYI - After an incident of this type, the Uber safety team will check up in a few days via an email and phone call to see if you're ok, tell you rider account deactivated pending their investigation , to which they say they can not and will not share any results or further information regarding their findings.

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2 weeks ago I pick up a young Asian girl with broken English at 1 W. Superior. She had 3 Luis (the correct spelling of this brand is NOT ALLOWED for some reason...weird) Vuitton suitcases and I assumed she was headed to the airport. NOPE....she is headed to the Drake. I put all 3 suitcases in the back of my Ford Escape, pull up to the Drake and take all 3 out and put them on the luggage cart. Now mind you, her luggage literally cost more than my car (it's a 2007), she reaches in her pocket and attempts to give me 3 quarters and a nickel. The bellboy who grabbed the luggage cart couldn't help but laugh. I told her she can keep her change and I left. Still baffles me.
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