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The “I ain’t no dude, man” man

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My strangest passenger: I drive overnight weekends in the SF Bay Area. One night it was about 3AM when I pick this guy up. He seemed like a tweaker, but I get my share of those. I don’t remember the conversation but I began to realize that this guy was taking me out into the farmlands. At this point I need to tell you that I use the term “dude” a lot in casual conversation. As we got further from civilization the guy got sketchier. I was starting to get concerned but we got to the drop off point. He got out of the car and then leaned back in. He asked “Do you know what a dude is?” Before I could come up with a reply, he went off: “DO YOU KNOW WHAT A DUDE IS, MAN?!?!? A DUDE IS A BUMP ON A HORSES ASS MAN!! I AINT NO F*****G DUDE MAN!!!!”

I almost said “Sorry Dude”. Fortunately I came out with a “Bro”.

Be safe and make dollars folks.
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Mandela Effect. In his reality dude means something entirely different than it does here on Earth 1.5.

Dude needs to chill.
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