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Get a ping on Uber, pick-up at one of the more expensive resorts in the area. I'm camped out 30 seconds from the place. Phone rings, it's Uber PAX. "Sorry app said you were 5 minutes away and I see you are here already, I'll be right down I promise, please wait for me.

Thinking to myself it's slow I'll wait. She comes running out to my car, gets in the back seat and says "Do you have a stopwatch on your phone?" Before I could answer she says "Please turn it on and start it" Okay now I'm thinking she is a psycho. Telling me to start a Stop watch again she says this may sound strange. She hands me a $20 and says I need to run some errands and want you to wait for me, I know your time is valuable, I'll give you a dollar per minute.

I'm like okay let's go, 1.5 miles to CVS, wait 15 minutes while she shops, 1.5 miles back to resort, please wait for me as she tosses me another $20. I need to wrap up my husband and will both be down as quick as we can. 20 minutes later here she comes with her husband trailing behind using a cane she just bought. As they approach my car a hotel employee brings over a medium sized dog. She is like oh I'm really sorry I forgot to tell you I have a dog, I can request another car if you want me to. I'm like no problem I'm fine with dogs. Restaurant was .55 miles away. She drops me another $10 and we head to the hotel. 40 minutes for a 3.55 mile trip and hubby puts $3 tip in the app as well. $50 cash for being her chauffeur for 40 minutes.

One of the best PAX I have had yet. Friendly, kind, treated me with respect, and at least appeared to be very thankful.
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