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Tesla Model Y Owner Shares 8 Reasons To Avoid The Electric SUV

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Not only those reasons, but the fact that is MIT did a study of Uber and suggests you don't do ridesharing as a main income source, but if you do, don't spend more than $20,000 for your vehicles.

Why? A typical full time driver needs to do around 100,000 miles a year, so in 3 or 4 years the vehicle is burnt out. In 4.5 years I was able to save 75k, so nearly all of that would have gone to pay for the $60,000 vehicle, especially with a note payment.

Not only that two articles, one from Tesla, states there is apx 10-12% battery degradation per 100,000-200,000 miles.

So don't buy into Ubers "Get a Tesla" con job, it's just a trap to keep you driving and put you into debt.
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Seriously dude, are you ever going to get off the irrationally hate tesla train?

This article/video is that clown's opinion. I stopped at reason number 3 to not get a tesla: regenerative breaking. That is just stupid. You can learn to drive with one pedal (took me about 3 hours to get used to it and then loved it) or you can leave it on conventional coast mode. So why would that even conceivably be a reason not to get one, it's just stupid. He's also got it wrong on why the tires wear more quickly and how much more quickly they wear.
In short, some stupid "influencer" who is looking for people like you to generate revenue for them.

Why don't you start every one of your hate Tesla posts as follows"
Tesla's are different, different is scary, scary is bad, Tesla's are bad.
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I took one (Comfort Electric) from DFW to my hotel this past week. Never been in one before. It was nothing special. My Passat is roomier and seems more luxurious inside.
I don't know how the driver makes the $400+ note every week, the rates down there are absolute s**t. Probably .50/mi considering the upfront fares.

I would hazard a guess 95% or more of these Tesla renters don't know how to put together a solid day of driving to make an actual check without being out 25 rides a day 7 days a week and having no life.
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