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No and neither will Washington State

Vehicle trip permits-Restrictions and requirements-Fee-Penalty-Rules.
(1)(a) A vehicle owner may operate an unregistered vehicle on public highways under the authority of a trip permit issued by this state. For purposes of trip permits, a vehicle is considered unregistered if:
(i) Under reciprocal relations with another jurisdiction, the owner would be required to register the vehicle in this state;
(ii) Not registered when registration is required under this chapter;
(iii) The license tabs have expired; or
(iv) The current gross weight license is insufficient for the load being carried. The licensed gross weight may not exceed eighty thousand pounds for a combination of vehicles or forty thousand pounds for a single unit vehicle with three or more axles.
(b) Trip permits are required to move mobile homes or park model trailers and may only be issued if property taxes are paid in full.

(2) Trip permits may not be:
(a) Issued to vehicles registered under RCW 46.16A.455(5) in lieu of further registration within the same registration year; or
(b) Used for commercial motor vehicles owned by a motor carrier subject to RCW 46.32.080 if the motor carrier's department of transportation number has been placed out of service by the Washington state patrol. A violation of or a failure to comply with this subsection is a gross misdemeanor, subject to a minimum monetary penalty of two thousand five hundred dollars for the first violation and five thousand dollars for each subsequent violation.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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