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Taxify Eastern Distributor omitted constantly

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Whenever I take eastern distributor and cross city . Taxipoo fails to include the $7.61 toll.

Time after time taxify is failing to record these tolls effectively defrauding drivers!!
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Not always.
All rideshare companies miss paying tolls now and then.
Nearly every week I have to request a toll adjustment from FUber. They do not automatically pay the M2 toll at all when you enter the M2 from Delhi Rd or the Lane Cove Tunnel and take the first exit to Macquarie Park.
At least Ola allows you to review from the app and then they recalculate the tolls straight away.
With Bolt you have to review the toll when you finish the trip and claim missing tolls before you close the trip.
Not sure about Go Catch as they paid the tolls correctly on the 11 trip I did since 1/7/18

All drivers need to check that all rideshare companies pay them for the tolls on all trips.
If not they could be loosing hundreds of dollars each year.
Without checking, I expect I would have been sort paid $500+ on tolls but was able to claim it and they paid.
And I am only a part time driver (Saturday, Sunday and some Friday's)
You've done 11 trips on gosnatch? That's impressive. I've had one trip in two years
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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