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Talk to ants

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Talk to fellow drivers off the platform while you sit at the airport, don't do any uber airport runs. Sign on to Lyft since that's where Uber customers will head. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire, pretty unsure if Buff/Roc can participate in this since I know once someone sees a good surge they'll brb to driving so this should be interesting.
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The sad thing is that there are some drivers out there that believe that the strike made a difference and that Uber was hurt. I kept checking the app and didnt see a surge all day.

In the week leading up to and this weekend, I had one pax ask me about 'the strike' and flat out told me that they didnt care either way. If you cant get the commuters to be involved in it, then it is an effort in futility.

Uber knows for a fact that driver dissatisfaction is high and even addressed it in their IPO prospectus and basically agreed that it is going to get worse. Uber doesnt see it being a problem, the pax dont see it as a problem and this is why the strike failed IMO
1) "Uber doesn't see it being a problem"

533 new drivers signed up while I read this.

2) "The pax don't see it as a problem"

Because there are plenty of the 533 drivers above who DGAF about a strike, they just want to make money and will drive 24 minutes away for a ping because, well, they are ants.

Uber = pyramid, and those who think otherwise are total fools.
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