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Hi All!
I'm a little over a month into this and have already learned A LOT! I wish there was a FAQ or Q&A forum provided by Uber, but it appears it is more of a learn as you go process. I hope to help provide a few pointers here. So, here I go...
  • Only accept a request from Fort Lewis/McChord (JBLM) if you have a military pass.
  • If you pick up a rider or riders who are soldiers going on base, you may have to drop them at the gate OR you will be let in with their ID, but it is solely dependent upon the guards at the gate.
  • Apartment complexes are just that...COMPLICATED. Use your pinpoint on your navigation tool to get as close as possible and message or call the rider if you do not see them.
  • Navigation will take you to back alleys of homes in many Tacoma neighborhoods. Do a circle to the front if something doesn't quite look right. Again, text or call if you do not locate your rider within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Don't chase surges. They either happen for you in this area or not.
  • Do sign up for delivery. It fills the gaps between riders and most home deliveries tend to tip. Apartment residents are less likely to tip.
  • Always ask your rider if there will be multiple stops. You do not want to accept another rider when you are only on the 1st or 2nd stop into their tour of the countryside.
  • Be cautious of accepting rides across the Narrows Bridge. You may pay the toll and only take the rider a few miles within the harbor area and not back across the bridge.
  • Take note of when you need to end your day. If a request comes in at 4pm and you need to be somewhere at 5pm, you could miss it as you are taking someone to downtown Seattle and coming back in horrible traffic.
  • Have fun and be positive!!!
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