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Hi Guys,

Need your help

I was taken right in the CBD couple of times and I was very nervous. Google navigation was playing up in cbd - navigation was at times 15-20 seconds behind in the cbd and kept rerouting for no reason, missed a couple of turns and made me more nervous. On each occasion I 'ended the trip' early and I apologized and informed the rider of this.

Could you guys please give me some tips on driving in CBD/harbour bridge. I would love to avoid it but that doesnt help as you might be riding in the inner west and the rider wants to go to CBD.

Do you guys use any thing other than Google Maps which works better and gives you lane guidance too? I was looking in to buying a GPS but the problem is the uber navigation automatically starts Google Navigation and if I use a different GPS I will have to enter the address manually each time and this doesnt help when the rider has dropped a pin instead of typing the actual address.

Would really appreciate some suggestions/tips?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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