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My market is hit pretty bad by the outbreak. So much that bars and restaurants have been ordered to shut it down indefinitely except for take out and delivery only and that may be ordered to cease eventually as well. While that's actually a good thing in terms of opportunity for drivers right now, it's also a tremendous risk. For the sake of privacy, I won't comment personally but many folks may have some health related issues that could put them at an increased risk.

Right now, I'm only on with Grubhub and stuck with their assigned region and haven't even had the chance to get started. Outbreak occurred as I received my gear and just been playing it by ear and now it doesn't look like this is going away anytime soon. So I've heard about inactivity limits but examples are all over the place and probably depend on market and specialist. 30 days, 60 days, warning, no warning. Some 6 months no problem, others only log into the app, or go available and decline. Basically, a crap shoot.

It's the ultimate dilemma, a part of me says go out make the money while we can and the other says, your health and safety come first, this will pass eventually. We'll deal with the aftermath later. If you don't need to be out there, don't be. Think that may actually be a local gov't mandate. Not to mention many restuarants have just decided to close period and the fast food variety have min 30 minute wait lines.

Then the other thing is what do most peoples' job prospects look like now and in the near future? Lots of workers getting laid off, not to mention the recent lack of rideshare opportunities around here and so I don't suspect these delivery companies will have any shortage of drivers to come if they need them. This gig may be one of few immediate opportunities still around while this thing hits it's peak. My other source of employment is on standby and have zero idea what that or the economy looks like after. Have decent amount of savings so it's not the end of the world but would hate to lose this as an option at the same time if it only means making a single delivery not to risk it.

As bad as some of this kind of work can be, I am very curious still and eager to try it out. So I start thinking I call driver care or email my specialist and explain but then that may only force a suspension on my account once they learn about my concerns or reluctance which may be hard to lift later. Or are they more upset with a simple lack of communication? My aplogies as I'm clearly buying into the fear but everything is really messed up right now. Anyone else share these concerns or thoughts? Or just want to chime in.
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