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Guys, I have been driving uber now for just over 6 months. I tend to drive morning rush hour (5am-10am) and occasionally the daily rush hour (4pm-8pm).


Yes I get that uber keeps hiring drivers and their ultimate goal is to have no surges so that the passengers are happy but even when I started there was over 13k drivers and surges were booming. I doubt the recent 3k extra drivers just changed that. Something seems fishy to me. Also, has anyone really done the math to clue in that driving without a surge on Ubers ALL TIME lowest prices is actually not worth doing the job. If you actually take in insurance, oil changes, gas etc. etc. these $7 trips which after all the deductions look a lot more like $4 just isn't worth it.

What do you guys think? Is uber trying to get rid of surges for good? Does that mean bad news for drivers doing this for a living?

And on a side note I saw Randy (UberMans) video on youtube about how we on the driver app see no surges and yet on the passenger app they are there. Does this mean uber is pocketing the surges as well? Wouldn't be surprised since they lowered their prices to a painful low.

Thanks guys!

and please all you guys that like to make comments like "wow another guy complaining about surge" or "you knew this coming in" keep them to yourself. This forum is here for help and discussion so grow up
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