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Surge drives business away

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In my neighborhood, there are many alternatives to Uber and Lyft. There are lots of idle taxis and large airport shuttle buses. All the Uber surge does is drive potential customers to other modes of transportation. I see it every day. My "spot" is near the Hyatt Regency in Kaanapali on Maui. I have Uber-x turned off and only do XL. And when there's no surge the customer's fare to our airport is very close to $100. Of that I get about $72. As soon as a surge raises its ugly head I see taxis rolling toward any of the many hotels in Kaanapali. We have several. A Hyatt, a Hyatt time share, a Westin, the Aii, a Marriott time share, the Kaanapali Beach Hotel, the Sheraton and the Royal Lahaina all very close to each other. I'm out there driving most days, usually seven days a week and only ONCE have I recieved a ride request during a surge. I've been driving for over a year now. If Uber continues to drive our potential customers to other conveyances I'll need to find something else to do. I also drive for Lyft and quite often I'll get a good hit on a Lyft ride when Uber has a surge going on. I prefer Uber because it pays more and it also allows me to be XL only but I can decline short Lyft non-XLs with no penalty to my 5.0 driver rating.
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I do pretty well with an XL rig in Kaanapali when there's no surge. I get fewer rides than I would with x turned on but they are far more lucrative. 4 or 5 rides a day and I'm good if they're long ones.
Are you saying that you get fewer pings for XL when X is activated?
Yes. If I'm on a $4 X ride I'm not available for an XL. Or if I'm in transit to pick up an X 15 minutes away and someone needs XL to the airport I'm not available. I'd rather sit around and not be chasing low dollar rides all over town and wait for the XL request for a long ride. My buddy who is X and Select only but too small for XL makes far less than I do giving far more rides. I don't have a select ride, it's a Honda Pilot EX-L (and it should be).
I'll have to try this. I keep the app on both settings and take everything. Trouble is, I don't know what I'm missing. I've had XL pings from home before, will have to try that more often with X off. Thanks.
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