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Surge Cap- Everybody Send Uber a Message

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Everybody send Uber a message to remove the surge cap of 1.5X

We are DYING here!

I sent them a message today. Everyone must do this!
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Florida is the worst, My only hope is that things are so different than a year ago, people still thought Uber and Lyft were such great company's with such a great way for people to earn money. Today almost everyone has seen the story's or heard about the lousy pay and drivers making less than minimum wage. I am holding out that sometime before their IPO that these rideshare company's hit a brick wall with the loss of experienced drivers and would be new drivers all knowing better.

No one can argue that the discussion around Uber and driving looks a lot bleaker than in the past. It would only be fitting if in a race to squeeze every last drop of the fares from their "partners" they end up with a major investor panic about coming up with our replacements right before their IPO. We can still afford to dream can't we?
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