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Surge Cap- Everybody Send Uber a Message

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Everybody send Uber a message to remove the surge cap of 1.5X

We are DYING here!

I sent them a message today. Everyone must do this!
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Florida is the worst, My only hope is that things are so different than a year ago, people still thought Uber and Lyft were such great company's with such a great way for people to earn money. Today almost everyone has seen the story's or heard about the lousy pay and drivers making less than minimum wage. I am holding out that sometime before their IPO that these rideshare company's hit a brick wall with the loss of experienced drivers and would be new drivers all knowing better.

No one can argue that the discussion around Uber and driving looks a lot bleaker than in the past. It would only be fitting if in a race to squeeze every last drop of the fares from their "partners" they end up with a major investor panic about coming up with our replacements right before their IPO. We can still afford to dream can't we?
I think pretty soon most of their drivers (at least here in Florida) are going to be either retirees who do it mostly for something to do or new college age students who do it for a week or two at most before realizing how much it sucks.

My rates are almost double what they are there in Orlando and even I feel it is a waste of time. Even if I just take the pings from home what happens is I get one ping, I drive 1-3 miles to pick it up and it is $3-$4 pay (to me anyway, Uber/Lyft charges $7-$8 for the ride), then I have to drive back to my home and get nothing else on the way back (no pings, too many drivers). The whole thing takes 20-25 minutes. So I'm burning all this gas driving back and forth and wasting my time for at best $8 an hour without factoring in gas. Usually though it ain't $8 an hour when doing this. It's $3-$5 an hour. :(

Go drive somewhere and try to wait and what happens is some idiot driver (or two) will come and park right next to you making sure you get no pings. So then you either move (and waste gas) or just sit there for $0-$3 an hour.

If you just drive around, even with a fuel efficient vehicle, you will either lose money or make $1-$2 an hour net after your gas expenses (disregarding other long term expenses). At least here when it is so slow. You can't drive around all day and get one $4 ping per hour. That won't even cover your gas.

Anyway, like you, I hope the drivers drop like flies. I know I'm getting out of here. I'd just do Lyft only but they are taking 40-45% of the fare on average now just like Uber. I think even the desperate are going to find that there comes a point where they are better off sitting at home or flying a sign begging for cash on the street corner than doing rideshare. It sucks because even a year ago things were much different. I just don't like working for scumbags and both of these companies are now nothing but greedy scumbags.
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