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Surge Cap- Everybody Send Uber a Message

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Everybody send Uber a message to remove the surge cap of 1.5X

We are DYING here!

I sent them a message today. Everyone must do this!
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The drivers who really benefit from this cap are the XL and Select. Many UberX drivers refused to drive with the 1.6x cap.
I dont know your market but can't be much different then here..

I think you lost your mind if you think you can predict surges in florida and be one of these "I only drive when there is surge" people

It surges down here but outside big events nobody ever gets rides with an actual surge

How long have you been driving and living down here?
In Orlando it's pretty much predictable since it's a major tourist destination. Disney, Univeral Studio, and downtown bars closes at known times so it's 99% guarantee there's a surge coming.
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What time the bars close up there? And is it the same with strip clubs?
Majority of bars and strip clubs closes at 2am.
I’m starting to think this 1.6x cap is gonna be permanent. Also what I find interesting are the differences in Uber quote on non surge rides for the exact same route. I set MCO as a drop off from my house and the quote changes from $25 to $36 throughout the day without any surges. You guys try it out and see for yourself.
That's crazy! we could get a tropical storm every month. I see gas prices going up and down and there is no freeze
Yeah I don't ever recall cap being 30 days though. Anyone know for sure it's 30 days?
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