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sucks when you see......

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i already know this sack of shit company rips on fares all day and everyday. but its just gets me even more annoyed when i have the coolest passengers (which is why i do this sometimes) pay so much and these bastard take a hefty fee. im just venting yes i know i cant do shit about it. just thought id share


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Wait, hold on a sec.. 21 minutes, $36. Or approx $118/hr
Granted as a driver I realize thats by far anywhere near consistent. With exceptions to passengers that have to pay it- who the hell complains about making $118/hr?
first of all, his cut was probably more like $60/hour. Travel time to pick up and waiting for ping. Secondly, the miles out on car could have been 40 miles counting deadheading etc. Since this was a select, I'm guessing the cost per mile for maintenance, depreciation and gas to be at least $.35/mile! So I would put the hourly at no more than $46/hour. If he waited longer for ping, it would be a lot less.
Hey buddy, my numbers are based on the information shown in the screenshot, not assumptions. Making incorrect assumptions about 1) Their cut- which it clearly shows, 2)The length of drive to pickup, does not show 3)Not getting a pax close to dropoff and deadheading all the way back to the start location allows for a HUGE difference in money. Maybe mistakes by an idiot new driver, but this driver strikes me as more intelligent than that.

But lets take your numbers. $60/hr, 10hrs/day, 5days/wk. = $154,000/yr to drive in circles. Doesn't seem anything to be complaining about.
I believe this was a Select ride. Which means he's probably not getting stacked pings all day with no deadheading. Also expenses aren't $0/mile! If it is, I got to get me one of those cars. I'm just get tired of seeing drivers posting their numbers ($154,000/year), which has caused people to quit their job, only to be very disappointed. Instead of posting your fares per hour, why not post your profits per hour for the given day/week. If my assumptions are incorrect, let the original poster correct me.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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