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sucks when you see......

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i already know this sack of shit company rips on fares all day and everyday. but its just gets me even more annoyed when i have the coolest passengers (which is why i do this sometimes) pay so much and these bastard take a hefty fee. im just venting yes i know i cant do shit about it. just thought id share


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Do yourself a favor and go to http://www.taxi-calculator.com/
Plug in the pickup address and drop off address in that link. I guarantee you that that poor little ole PAX you feel so sorry for would have paid even more money if they ordered a Real Taxi.

This is something we all can do when going over our trips.
i never said i feel sorry for the passenger. i am on select. select passengers ( the ones that i have had so far) are honestly really down to earth, real cool people that i really enjoy having. They tip good, they respect my car and never have had any issues. this is just my exp and i speak for no one else but me. what i meant is seeing how uber treats its people, i was just venting on how i get irritated by seeing that amount go to them. ill def check that link out though.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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