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Hi everyone,

I'm a newly-registered Uber Eats cyclist in the UK. According to Uber, my account is now active and I'm ready to start delivering.

However, I'm unable to go online, with the Uber Driver app telling me to "Submit your Profile Photo to Continue Taking Trips." The problem is that I have submitted my profile photo. Furthermore, this photo is showing in my documents as being approved. (N.B. The profile photo also doesn't appear in my profile within the app nor website.)

I've reached out to Uber Support who eventually replied that they'd escalate the issue to a "specialized team." After a few more days of silence, I messaged them again to request an update but did not receive a response.

Finally, today I received an email and message again saying that my account is now active. Despite this, the same problem persists and I am still unable to go online. I've messaged Uber Support again but at this point I'm not hopeful for a response within a few days, if at all.

It's now been a month since I first applied—to still be in this position is frustrating, not least because I could really do with getting started for financial reasons.

I've already tried the following solutions:
  • Contacting support (as above)
  • Signing in and out of the app
  • Deleting then re-downloading the app
  • Enabling notifications, location settings, camera access, and other permissions in the app
Given all this, I figured I'd reach out to the community to:
  1. See if this issue has affected anyone else (the only other instance I've found is an old reddit thread which did not contain any solutions).
  2. To raise awareness of this issue in case it affects anyone else.
  3. To request any suggestions for how I may resolve this problem on my own.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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