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Uber needs to fix this shit....

So I pick up a newly wed couple from their wedding three weeks ago from Lakeshore and Dufferin area around 1:30 am on Sat (club crowd is about to pour out of the clubs, and it's about to get busy downtown). They were going Yonge and King area....mid way the groom tells me they are going to another location around Yonge and Bloor area...
"No problem I said"
When we got near their first destination I got 3 pings waiting (since the app thought I was near my destination) which I had to ignore.
By the time mr groom changed the destination my Acceptance Rate drop 30%.
I haven't driven a lot in past few weeks, so my acceptance rate was at 50% by the following week.

It's at 100% now, but this glitch needs to be fixed.

On the other note, when my acceptance rate was at 50% I wasn't getting any pings...1 per hour. I wonder it had anything to do with that.

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You can just press Accept on any new pings. Let them wait. They'll either cancel it on you or they'll be automatically transferred to another driver. Always press "Accept". Take your time with your current trip, don't rush on your current passengers.
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