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As you read this article, simply make these substitutions and it still makes sense:
  • "rideshare drivers" for "truck drivers"
  • "Uber" for "trucking company"
Just a few examples:

But due to low pay and less than desirable working conditions, many are leaving the industry, in search of a better career.
Others are lured into the trucking industry as drivers, thinking they will fill these positions and make a good living for themselves and their families. Once they begin driving, they discover the trucking industry has a history of treating drivers unfairly and paying them low wages.
When they feel underappreciated and underpaid, truck drivers currently in the industry, are leaving their jobs to look for something that offers better pay, benefits and working conditions.
Low wages. There was a time when truck drivers made decent money for their hard work. This is not true of many truck driving jobs.
The whole piece is very interesting how it parallels the rideshare and on demand delivery businesses.

The Truck Driver Shortage – The Dirty Truth No One Talks About
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