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Streets are now safer with 24/7 speed cameras

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But whos gonna let him know he cant park on the sidewalk?

Also good thing the white BMW put on his hazards. What a responsible driver he is!
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Your city is never going to be "normal" again until they fix the no bail law. The cameras definitely help. There is a sense of lawlessness in big cities that is out of control.
Can ONE person on here tell me how they haven't fixed it yet? Nobody, including the poorest of people in the the worst neighborhoods are for this. NOBODY. Yet, the politicians refuse to vote on changes. WHY??????
Because financially bail reform work$ out well for $o called "cash strapped" cities like NYC so why would they fix it??...They're saving billions declining to prosecute.

Also NYPD blames qualified immunity as to why they can't effectively do their jobs anymore
In some cases if they can't split your wig or stop u just because they feel like it
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So, you're more interested in the tiny percentage of cops who "violate your rights". I'm with you. I get it. NOBODY deserves to have their rights violated. Then again, innocent people HAVE the right to expect a hardened thief, mugger, assault criminal will eventually (LESS than 5 incidents) spend time in jail.
Ironically for years innocent people were more likely to be violated by cops than violated by criminals....
Stop-and-Frisk Data
As long as we get to kill the people trying to rob us or attack us im fine with bail as it is. That is fair.

The cops were harassing people before the crime happened.they were trying to prevent the crime. Its much better to just remove the problem during the crime. Sucks for women and the defenseless but thats how it goes.

The real solution would be to kill the violent criminal during the act, but then also get their kids and their parents. I think people would not trip so much if we put their fams in the electric chair then stream it on tiktok

Actually i take that back. Keep the evildoers alive. And make them watch their families cook.
Harassing INNOCENT people...
Heard it was a way of getting more overtime hours clocked in. Harass some people at the end of your 40 hours and bank that time and a half.
That and quotas.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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