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Streets are now safer with 24/7 speed cameras

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But whos gonna let him know he cant park on the sidewalk?

Also good thing the white BMW put on his hazards. What a responsible driver he is!
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wow! that shit is so game over. That car ATE THEM
Yup life over in the blink of an eye.
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There were two cars, the black one is a Subaru that hit the parked BMW. I don't know what the other car's make is, the one that crashed into the Subaru.
White bmw crashed into the dark colored subaru. The white car parked on the corner looks like a benz.
With hindsight in mind, it was whatever or whoever that distracted the black shirt guy was the cause of the two pedestrians' deaths. At the start of the video you see black shirt guy & jersey guy walk into camera view. Jersey guy turns to his right indicating his intention to cross the street while the light remains green. Something catches black shirt guy's attention, drawing him away from the intersection which in turn persuades jersey guy to follow suit. In the mean time another couple crosses the street. About 10 seconds later both black shirt guy & jersey guy walks toward the intersection but hesitates at the crosswalk for a few seconds due to a stale green light. The rest is a tragic history.

Two couples; one died, the other lived. One distracted by "city life", while the other walked toward the (green) light.
Thats a pretty good observation
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Harassing INNOCENT people...
Heard it was a way of getting more overtime hours clocked in. Harass some people at the end of your 40 hours and bank that time and a half.
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