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Hey All! I've been a Driver for Both Uber and Lyft since 2018. Started w/ a 2014 Chevy Sonic Sedan when I moved from Northeast Indiana to San Diego, CA. At First without trying I was making $150 a day. This was more than. I was making back home, working for Costco. I began to pay off all of my debts. I learned over time, where I were to be to maximize my time with a passenger, and how to avoid traffic during rush hour periods.

Moved to Vegas in December 2019, and began driving Uber again, in the beginning of 2021. Repeated the process.

Moved to Orlando, FL beginning of March. Let me begin by saying the rates in Orlando are terrible. Actually the lowest I've seen in the country!

UberX/Lyft = $0.75 Base + $0.53/mile + $0.08/minute
Uber Comfort = $1.18 Base + $0.65/mile + $0.15/minute
Lyft Lux = $2.16 Base + $1.23/mile + $0.21/minute

Any tips that would be great. I'm not complaining about the pay, as I am rather trying to always be considered 'Active' and increase likeliness of Tips.

Thanks in Advance,


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My opinion for the Orlando market is forget about Uber Pro or what ever Lyft offers, forget about acceptance rate, and forget about cancel rate.

Accept only pings that are very close by. Drop off PAX and park the car very near to drop off spot. Wait for next very close by ping. Repeat until you are ready to go home. Set DF for home and sit and wait for pings to start taking you home. Be brepared to cancel on any trip taking you farther from home because UBER does not care about your DF very much and will give you many BS trips.

Learn the area and refine your plan.

Dead miles in the Orlando market will kill your profits.
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