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Strange Sounds Heard A Night During A Pandemic! [VIDEO]

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I came across this earlier in my twitter feed.

I post this not only because the sounds are strange (even if they are birds) but also because I don't live too far from here and in fact my friend used to own a house close to this place , so I pass by it quiet regularly.
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That's in Vaughan, i remember seeing that lost dog poster around 😅
I am not into 'haunted exploration' etc, but this type of stuff (cryptozoology?) , I am so into! I am definitely driving there tom night to see (hear) this for myself.
go to Kirby rd .. tombstone of the girl died in a car accident there also used to be a abandoned haunted house on the other side of Weston rd and Kirby but it was taken down after kids would trespass on to the property
Oh yes, Kirby and Weston, know all about it man.

Lots of bug noise for early April...
It could be, but I can assure you I have driven by it so many times and never heard anything like it. Will go see it for myself tom (if not tonight after the family goes to sleep lol)
I'm not saying the tape isn't legitimate. I'm just saying I doubt it's from right now during the Pandemic. There simply isn't bug noise like that so early in the year.
Sorry yes I misread that first post.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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