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Strange Sounds Heard A Night During A Pandemic! [VIDEO]

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I came across this earlier in my twitter feed.

I post this not only because the sounds are strange (even if they are birds) but also because I don't live too far from here and in fact my friend used to own a house close to this place , so I pass by it quiet regularly.
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Planet will get a 'cleanse' due to industry and transportation dropping for the past 3 months.
People in Venice have already noted that the can see through the clear water to the bottom of some canals, which is the first time in their lifetime this has happened.
Pollution graphs over China in February indicated a massive improvement in air-quality over the large cities, some of the lowest pollution indexes in 25 years.
Hell, even the supply chains and distribution of the Colombia and Mexican cartels have eased back more than 50%.
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