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About 5:00 this afternoon, I was delivering another couple of happy pax to the airport and while I was on the pickup / dropoff 'runway', and before I had actually set down my existing pax, I got a ping.
I have never ever had this before.

In fact, with the geo block or geo fence or whatever it is called, I didn't think that this was possible.

I accepted, and the pickup was on Sir Donald just outside the airport. My immediate thought was that it was a pax on the 'runway' so I texted to ask the exact location. There was no answer, I was already moving and so I headed out of the airport to the Sir Donald address.

When I got there, Missy starts answering my texts - yeah you guessed it, she was on the runway. We swapped several texts to ensure we met up. Jeez, I was pissed off. I wasn't pissed off at her (so much) but pissed off at myself. I had pissed around for 10 mins and it was my own fault.

I headed back in, picked her up and it was a 45 minute fare. :)

Perhaps a lesson there. She was not familiar with Adelaide's geo whatsit and the app had flicked her pick-up to Sir Donald. She was not to know what the heck was going on. This is a new situation to me. If the app is now actually accepting requests from the runway, we are going to have a sh**load of work coming from the airport, but will really need to be on our toes in regard to EXACTLY where the pax are, and secondly, the DPTI will surely be all over this in a day or two.
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