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This was a good one...

Was on my merry way to drop off some Sushi to some Rich Fatso's crib. While waiting to get into his gated community, guard tried calling him 3 times. He answers on the 3rd ring and I overhear "JUST LET HIM IN" CLICK..Could tell he was in a pleasant mood.

Upon arrival, I'm grabbing the food and stepping out of the car I hear that pleasant voice bellow from beneath the darkness "HELLO?!!"

Pretended I heard nothing and strolled to the door as I was pleasantly greeted with a "In the middle of the halftime show, REALLY??!"

Still said nothing, handed the food over and he says "Well, is it paid for?"

Me - "Just make sure to tip in the App."

He stumbled for a second like he didn't hear me..

I repeated - "I said you can tip me in the App"

Right then he throws up the "not guilty" hands and blamed his daughter for ordering the food.

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I'm still laughing about this one though. How sad is your life that you are blaming the Uber guy for ruining your halftime show. Guess he couldn't get enough JT.

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If I had that happen to me, I’d be like “Halftime show huh? Oh did you know there is this amazing new invention that’s like a VCR, but it has a hard drive instead of tape, and here’s the cool part, it’s built into your cable box, I think they call it a DVR... USE IT”

There’s no excuse when they can simply rewind
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