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Store did not want to correct scanner error. over charged customer(s).

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This is common occurence in US in grocery stores.

Got an order to buy 5 x Pineapple chunks.

There is no spec. and no bar code to scan by the app. I went to store. Verified with store employee that picture in the app is kind of old. The store items are now in different packages.

I browsed the shelf and noticed three different packages. $2.99 for 8 Oz., $4.99 for 14 Oz. and $5.99 for 20 Oz.

Customer want quantity 5 , but no weight description. So I picked up 5 x 8-oz boxes.

At self check out, Store Scanner charged $4.99 each, Ouch!

I've bad experience with not able to pay by red card, stuck at check out and waste my productive time. So I told the store clerk of the price error and expect she did something. She was not really helpful, just confirm the price was expensive and would not acknowledge over charge. So I wanted her to cancel the 5 transactions of $4.99 each, return the packages to store and went back to refrigerator display and got the 2 20 Oz pack and one 14 Oz pack.

Note that the $2.99 price label still there. and notice that on 20 oz packs are on sale for 3, but store has only two on shelf.

Should Dasher(s) bother to fight the retail fraud by store(s)?

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Walmart is notorious for that kind of crap: one price on the shelf and a higher price at the checkout. I sent a complaint to the Nv AG and got an acknowledgement but nothing further. The same items wrongly priced on the shelf for 9 months. I spoke with the store director who blamed it on inflation causing so many price changes that they couldn't keep up. BULL SHITE.

btw This is my personal experience; I don't do shopping on the apps.
It used to be (and still might be) in NYS that if an item scanned the wrong price, that item was given to you free, regardless of price… if you had multiple items of the same product, you only get the first mis-scan free, with other items price corrected.
Was that a state law? Lucky's Grocery chain used to do that, too, years ago. I don't think there are any in Nevada, now.
This is caused by their employees mistake. When they put in the system, they mistakenly incorrect input for two different items ( Weight vs Price ) or wrong digit.
Not in the case of Walmart. I believe it's completely intentional because they refused for so long to make corrections.
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