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Stop sign question

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Hypothetically speaking, I get to a stop sign heading west a bus heading east , bus ther first he passes but I'm first car at my sign, I have the right away to go after the bus regardless of the car behind the bus was there before me correct???? It's one car per direction???
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At a four way stop, each car to the right of the other has the right of way. So if all four cars arrive at a stop at the same time, it's a stalemate.
The more you know!
As is this thread :confused:

On another Note:

Acronym Definition
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STOP Single Title Order Plan (bookselling)
STOP Stop, Think, Observe, and Plan (rescue)
STOP Stop This Outrageous Purge (1950s civil rights group)
STOP Snowmobile Trail Officer Patrol (Canada)
STOP Structural/Thermal Optical
STOP Stop, Talk, Observe, Prevent (injury assessment)
STOP Supporters to Oppose Pollution
STOP Squeal Tires on Pavement
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Don't like the sound of Satellite Tracking of People :confused:o_Oo_O
It needs to STOP! :D
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