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Stop sign question

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Hypothetically speaking, I get to a stop sign heading west a bus heading east , bus ther first he passes but I'm first car at my sign, I have the right away to go after the bus regardless of the car behind the bus was there before me correct???? It's one car per direction???
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I almost got T-boned from a red light runner. Didn't even see him because the car next to me was an SUV. 1 or 2 seconds slower and I would been fcked. Would of hit me right on the driver side.

I'm more careful now that I'm a rideshare driver. I tend to look both ways quickly even if my light is green.
I almost got aced because of a red light runner pos truck. One of those heavy duty ones. I pulled forward and was waiting in the middle for the red light to make a left turn and the light turned red. In front of me was a big car so the two lanes next to it was a blind spot for me.

I waited for a second and as I turned, out of nowhere this mf comes at least 60 mph. He almost t boned me from the passenger side. I almost shit my pants.

If I made the turn on yellow or exact red, most likely I would have been dead or heavily injured.

On top of almost killing me, he had the audacity to honk back at me. That day I was glad that CA is not an open carry state.

With that fear mixed with anger, I could have done something stupid that I would regret for the rest of my life.

So guys be careful especially when making left turns. People speed up and run the light not to get stuck. Make sure your visibility is clear and the light is red in heavy traffic before you turn. Especially at night.
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