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Stop issuing new licenses

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We are all on here saying what happened how driver did this or that. We need to get together somehow and implore the city to stop allowing new drivers to enter the fray. It is nuts out there. 13k medallion cabbies 13ok app drivers.
Lets take a break and assess whats out there. How many more drivers have to feel like there is no way out?
The biggest problem we face is the amount of new drivers being onboarded. Not only do they all still offer incentives, both lift and VIA have increased the bonus for bringing someone on. Its getting way out of control.
New drivers you will wind up in ruin. The TLC is owned by UBER. UBER needs to take a moment and look what is happening and make changes. Customers can wait 10-15 minutes if needed but having so many drivers on the road that a rider gets picked up within a minute sometimes seconds is causing some drivers to make maneuvers that are scary and put many people in jeopardy. The list goes on and on. When will UBER take a moment to reign in this beast it has created? No matter what be safe out there everyone. It has become way out of control. Hopefully the powers that be will make positive changes.

God Bless
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