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Stonk Market Thread (Part Deux)

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So, the other one petered since after the market, and the US went to Hell.

But, there is as much opportunity in a bear market as in a bull.

I have been reading that auto loan defaults are way, way up. And expected to get worse ... soon. So, I go on line to find out who is making these stupid loans to stupid people ... which companies are going to take it in the shorts. I find that most are subsidiaries of large banks (Ally, Wells, Ford, etc) and the auto losses will (I presume) be absorbed by the performing loans the bank holds and gov't guarantees that only the large banks can get.
I thought there might be a short (sell calls, etc) play there in a sector ... but, maybe not.

Then I thought maybe a long position in so-called 'Defense Stocks'. The war in Europe is consuming a lot of perishables (besides people) and we and they gonna have to replace all that.

So ... in THIS climate ... what plays do ya'll see?

How about metals? Silver and Gold?
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They will sell the cars to someone else. Shrug
The car industry intrigued me most because I'm tired of my Sentra. It's a bad loan on bad credit. Now my credit is better but inventories are zero and asking price too high. If a bunch of repossessed cars hit the market, is this a good thing for me?
That's a lot of if's. Biden crime family will be voted out before things get too carried away.
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