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Still some cheap fuel St George’s Road

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Just to let you know that while most places are $1.66 per litre. I got $138.9 earlier at Caltex St George’s Road nears Alexandra Parade.

Minus 8c with the Momentum discount $130.9.

Hope this helps someone.


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24K solid gold - just like the Pharaohs! Need to keep those worms out for the next 6000 years until they dig me.
Ah yes a place like the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx...

They do a very nice mausoleums starting at a very low price of 1.5 million US and the sky can be the limit.

Home to the likes of baseball legend Babe Ruth, jazz icon Miles Davis and Duke Ellington, and Moby Dick author Herman Melville, the Woodlawn Cemetery draws millions of visitors to its beautifully landscaped gardens each year. Founded in 1863, the 400 acres cemetery was also the site of the 1912 Titanic Memorial to mourn the 192 passengers who perished in the disaster.

Probably the most beautiful cemetery in the world, visitors are frequently awed at the bronze, steel and stone works of the mausoleums, gates and statues found inside the grounds."

Something quite interesting for me as I do want to build a family Mausoleum with a budget of maybe ten million dollars in the next decade or two :redface: Right now not nearing my demise as of yet so on the back burner for now.
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