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Really brings out the interesting people.

Got a ping while I was downtown after dropping at IMS, pickup was at corner of Kentucky and Olive. Nothing there, if you know the area across the river from the old GM fab shop...
Stopped at the pin, woods and the river is all I can see.

Out of the woods comes a woman, plastic grocery bags and a kitty carrier. She's obviously homeless, but recently homeless as she has a cell phone and a PayPal account for Uber.

I'm not the kind to just drive away from this situation, I open the trunk - those grocery bags have her clothes in them. All her belongings fit in 6 plastic grocery bags and a cat carrier with a cute little black kitten in it.

She's working at the fair. She'll be staying in the bunkhouse so she has a place to shower for the next couple of weeks. (Which she really needs, I'm sitting next to her)

I take her to the fairgrounds, gate 15 where she's to be picked up. Her fare is $16. I gave her my tip jar contents, about $8... she needs it a LOT more than I do. She tries hard to refuse, but relents and takes it.

She's just fallen on hard times, something about an addict husband who has her kids.... Sometimes all it takes to get some gratitude for what I have is to meet someone who has nothing.

Kristen, I surely hope things turn around for you.
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