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Video: https://amp.dw.com/en/spain-restricts-ride-hailing-services-like-uber/av-46050357

After years of protests, spanish taxi drivers claimed a major victory over app-based ride sharing services such as Uber. In a close vote, the spanish parliament resolved a measure to regulate providers, but leave them with a 4-year frame to adjust to the changes.

Spain's parliament has given Uber 4 years to come up with a business model that fits their law. Only 1 car to every 30 cabs allowed.

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Spain is Fascist.

Ask some nice American Exchange college student how they are treated in Spain.

They not " right" over there . . .
A romantic (off shoot ancient Roman) culture using the Roman salute is not actually proof of fascism.

Hitler's quasi religion (the SS and all it's imagery/traditions) was created/adapted and many many things were stylized from ancient Rome and other dictators of the time. Including the "hitler" salute.

IMHO it should be seen for what it is... just one of many things that Hitler borrowed from other things.

Spain also has the last vestiges of the Roman Gladiator games, it's alive and well in fact.

Spanish bull fighting
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