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Hello Everyone!

My Uber Parter app was just activated on Thursday so I decided to give it a try Thursday evening. I started my night around 9 pm and just stayed in my car till around 10 in Deptford NJ when I recieved my first request. Was a easy ride. Was a man just wanting to go to Shop rite and back home. Easy $20 as most of it was me just waiting in the parking lot. Then I had down time for about 20 minutes and then I was getting requests about every 20 seconds for a good 30 out of Camden. I personally didn't want to go to Camden on my first night for obvious reasons. Then today I was on all day on the West Deptford area from about 9:30-4 without a single request.

I guess my question is, why is the best options for me to maximize my profits. I live in Paulsboro which is about 10 minutes from the Walt.

Any and all information is greatly appreciated and I look forward to conversing.

I just signed up to do Lyft with a $750 bonus after 50 rides. Gonna try this out part time as I already have a FT job with decent income. The OT at my FT job is wearing on me and after a convo with a Lyft driver I had over the weekend it seems like a low stress way to generate some extra cash. Mentor meeting is today.

I'll be driving in the South Jersey (from Somerdale) / Phila area as well. 2015 Honda Fit. If it doesn't work out for me oh well.

Holding out on Uber until I can get a sign up bonus with them as well.
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