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-Try not to drive too much without a rider.
-Find a Dunkin, McDonalds, or Starbucks, use their internet, and bathrooms.
-Use the Rider app to see how many other Uber/Lyft cars are around you, and try to keep some space. This doesn't work if you are at the stadiums, or in South St./Olde City areas.
-4p - 8p on weekends, I seem to get quite a bit of couples going out for dinner and drinks. 7p to 10p, I get couples leaving restaurants/bars and heading back home. 10p on is almost all drinkers.
-Where I am, on weekends, I take quite a bit of people from one side of the bay to the other (St. Pete to Tampa). I would assume South Jersey and West Chester will do the same going to South Street, Olde City and Avenue of the Arts. This would also apply to Eagles, Phillies and Flyers games. Uber/Lyft from these areas is cheaper than parking.

-Make sure you have an EZ Pass (if that's what its still called up there).
-Report your tolls to Uber, every time. I have never had one automatically reimbursed. Lyft is much better with this.

-I'd avoid TU, Penn and Drexel. But that's just my thing. The college kids don't tip and usually have short trips. WCU coming into the city on the other hand might be a trip worthwhile. But short trips to the bars up there is probably the most common thing.
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