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Someone explain...

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What am I messing ??? I got brought to LAX from DTLA 1.7x was here for 20min then got one going to the valley on 1.7 as well then from the valley got one to Santa Monica. Stopped at in-n-out and came to the pen.

I was gone for about 2/3hrs I come back and see the same group of dudes here. What are they waiting for ??? Why waste so much time standing around ???

Oh and the tank has been spotted once again lmao.
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It's better there than in my hood. They should make that lot hold 60k cars and they can all hang out there.

It's shows the level of ignorance in drivers. They probably drove in from Bakersfield on top of it.
Lmao I'm back here again and they are still here ommgggg lol'ing as I type this
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