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Anything I suggest must be verified by a real tax advisor, because I’m not a professional, nor do I know your full financial situation to even know what the hell I’m talking about. My thought is, the write-offs that are allowed under your business expenses such as the vehicle mileage deduction might negate any earnings you bring in from Ubering. Thus, it becomes a wash, and the taxes you end up owing on Uber earnings will possibly be negligible. That being said, you could ask your wife to increase the amount of taxes being deducted from her weekly salary, or you can instruct the social security office to increase the amount of taxes being taken from your monthly benefit check to make sure your household doesn’t end up owing taxes at the end of the year. But again, anything I say shouldn’t be taken as professional advice. I know there are plenty of boomers & geezers who use this forum, so maybe they can steer you in a better direction than me.
Inflation is a serious problem. I hear you’re getting an 8% social security raise to “stay even.” What a joke, anybody buying fuel or paying for groceries knows that an 8% “cost of living” increase will do little to combat the out of control economic woes Joe Biden’s policies have created on the country. I wish you luck.
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