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Social Responsibility or Mind my own Business?

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For over a year now a regular I have has reached out to me at LEAST once a month and sometimes twice to provide transportation for her to and from a RAVE like party. I pick her up around midnight and take her to the party and often go back and get her around 5 or 6AM and take her back home safely.

I very much enjoy our conversations as well as the view. She's exceptionally good looking and typically barely dressed for these parties. Late 20's. We've stopped for breakfast on 3 or 4 occasions which has always been her treat. She always tips exceptionally well and for that reason I will get my old ass up out of bed and pick her up those early Saturday or Sunday mornings. The 2 trips usually pay $25-$35 on the APP and she always tips me $25 with the exception of one time around Christmas and she was good for $100 each way that time. Basically 2 hours of my time (on average) for at least $100 every time.

In between rides she's texted a few times and I've come to be someone she has turned to at times for life things. I guess I'm in a PseudoFatherFigure role.

To the point.

She texted me and wants me to drive her to one that is happening this weekend. We talked a few weeks ago so she knows I've been staying home and not really driving anyone but clearly let me know it would be well worth my while.

These parties are totally off the grid. I'm sure some others here have drove people to them before, possibly knowing or maybe not knowing what was going on.

From what I have gleaned over time, an east coast promoter with ties to Austin puts them on. DJs are typically flown in from NY, California or out of the country. Pretty much every one of these happens at a different place although I think the same place has been used a couple of times. I'm not sure if the people that go get emailed or it's a dark web thing but supposedly it is really hush hush. Locations are in large warehouse complexes in what I assume is a vacant warehouse and I've never noticed any other traffic in the area when taking her. It's a typical rave type scene with no shortage of drugs or alcohol that are by no means legal.

There is no shortage of young people that feel invulnerable and I would guess these things draw 300-400 people a night in the past so I have no doubt it will still draw a crowd.

Researching it gives me the impression that if that if authorities became aware, although Police would break it up the odds are they would only arrest people like the organizer and those selling liquor or drugs. So she probably would just get sent home after her personal info was collected.

A week ago we all watched as South Padre and other places hosted 1000s of Spring Breakers. Far more than was allowed to gather at the time yet the Governor and State Police made no attempt to disrupt that.

I already tried to talk her out of it but "everyone has to get their temperature read and they will have sanitizer all over the place....... yadayadayada"

What would you do if you were aware of this? Are you aware and considering reporting it?

If you are aware of what I am referring please PM me. .

Even if it gets reported nothing can be done until right before it starts because no one gets the location/address the last minute. I would not know where until I picker her up and accepted the ride request.

Although I am not out there driving I would think there is no shortage of people hosting Corona parties. I'm guilty of ignoring orders to evacuate and attending a hurricane party a couple of times many years ago.

But things we deal with today scare me.
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It does seem like the new orders give me the out and make it far more risky for her to attend. But,as I mentioned, I have no idea where it will be and would not know until she's in the car so that presents a problem.

Hopefully she will listen to reason now that it clearly carries repercussions if caught.
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If you are going to report it do so early.
I can imagine the conversation now.

"So there is a party but you do not know where.
And when is this party? Oh yeah. Sometime Saturday or Sunday? Uh Huh
and who is having the party? Oh wait. Some guy from NY? OK

Well Thank-you Sir. We will get right on this."

I'm going to talk to her tomorrow and tell her my concerns and that I don't think it is something I can do with a clear conscious and that if I did I would probably alert the authorities the moment I knew for sure where it was.

Hopefully it won't cost me her her business.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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