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This trip was doomed from the start. Pinged in Jersey Village. Great - hopefully they want to go back in town since it's almost 4am. 5pax walk toward me. :confused:I'm desperate for a ride back to town, so they squeeze in.
Destination Denny's going back to town. OK! Jump on the freeway. A pax in the back starts honking one of those darn noise-makers, :mad: freaking me out. I told him twice it was too loud in my ear.

Time for me to call it a night. 3 miles from home I barely see that flashing light of an iPhone face down. :mad::mad::mad: It was on silent, I missed 20 calls.

Considering how far hermann park is from jersey village; the chances of them compensating my time; hearing grief about how I "took" their phone .... Naw. I just left it at the Police station.
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