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Just flicking through the topics here, there sure are a lot of angry posts from people who simply seem to have not 'gotten over it' and seem intent on doing nothing but scream shrilly.
Putting it bluntly -**** Off.
There are a lot of good things about uber, I love it - if you are thick enough to be caught by being obvious, suck it up, its obviously illegal as any simple google search will tell you.
I'm a contractor, my prius is paid for and abn,gst etc, etc
I have a lot of work, its my bread and butter, the uber stuff is just jam on the top.
Dont want to pick up drunks? hang out in a outer suburb and turn offline when in town late fri/sat
I make over $100 a night now simply by picking folks up in wynnum and dropping them in town.
I saw a moron driver tonight, uber app glowing on screen in plain view- keep it down low, dont make it easy for the pigs.
common sense people, makes me wonder about all the haters, perhaps they didnt have any.
Can't recall a more pointless thread at any time anywhere ever. Let's hope nobody replies after me and the thread sinks to the depths it deserves.:(
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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