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So quiet

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Hey so whats going on to @justfacts ?
Didn't see his new threads or posts lately.
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Him and Ninja got married and went to live in a foreign country
It's cheaper to live a foreign country than here.
There's a reason for that . They don't have the modern conveniences we do or a very limited area of it . Roads and structures aren't maintained. While I hate the $ here . I wouldn't want to live anywhere else . Only here a homeless person can make 10X the earnings a working person over there makes .
I requested uber pool last week and guess who showed up at 3am? An older black male in his 60 or 70 in Benz? I requested uber pool this morning to go to down town guess who showed up? An older Chinese male in his late 60s in Benz. I think these old guys are doing uber pool in Benz because they dead broken or homeless. What do you think ? Would u do uber pool trips in Benz ?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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