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So quiet

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Hey so whats going on to @justfacts ?
Didn't see his new threads or posts lately.
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It's cheaper to live a foreign country than here.
There's a reason for that . They don't have the modern conveniences we do or a very limited area of it . Roads and structures aren't maintained. While I hate the $ here . I wouldn't want to live anywhere else . Only here a homeless person can make 10X the earnings a working person over there makes .
I requested uber pool last week and guess who showed up at 3am? An older black male in his 60 or 70 in Benz? I requested uber pool this morning to go to down town guess who showed up? An older Chinese male in his late 60s in Benz. I think these old guys are doing uber pool in Benz because they dead broken or homeless. What do you think ? Would u do uber pool trips in Benz ?
Two Possible reasons
1. You said older so i assume 60+. And just like most High end cars you always see a Older guy behind the wheel cause it took them since 18 to Buy it. and they have there homes payed off since at around 30y Old they took a 30y mortgage and its now Payed. so they do this to Kill time and there bored. and thats why you got those Cars.

2. they cant afford rent or most bills and all there $ Efforts are put into that car to meet the Monthly car note. and they live in it, and take every ride to pay for it.

But me personally . I would do my X/P on my eco Car. and if i had a Lux car its Select or nothing. Unless its DF home and i was going that way anyway.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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