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Edited to add: I am also over Uber Pool, and these guaranteed eta's. If there is an accident on the freeway, there is nothing that I can do about it. So the eta Uber quotes them is worthless.

I am so over the pax today. I have had several backpacks today and in retaliation they are leaving negative comments in the feedback.

I have one packed when I arrived I asked them exactly how many of them are there because they were complaining that there was a missing seat for my vehicle I tried to tell them several times the cedars in the floor and if I need to it can easily come out. They tell me there's 6 of them so I take the extra seat out of the floor and everyone gets in. I get back to the driver side and get in and look and there's an extra person.

I tell them that they have too many people and I can not allow someone to sit on the floor or sit halfway on one feet and half way on the other seat with no seat belt. Of course they get pissed off and tell me that the driver before me let them do it no problem. So I tell them I don't care what the driver before me did it is not illegal it is not safe I'm not going to do it especially considering we've got to get on the freeway. Three of them got out and called for another Uber but were clearly pissed off about it. So 1 star from them and of course they give me one star and make all these claims dangerous driving my car is not clean I had a bad attitude and I was late picking them up and dropping them off. Which is all complete BS especially since I got my car detailed this morning.

Another packs complains because we're stuck on the 10 freeway and a bunch of traffic and she has a hangover. How exactly is that my fault and what exactly am I supposed to do?

I'm on my way home to take a break for a couple of hours because I swear I'm at the point where I just don't even want to deal with any other riders today.
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