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Last night I had the worst trip in four months of driving. I drive uberxl 11p to 4 am most nights. About 2 am ping to 933 central I show up guy aproaches my buddy we can't let him drive first clue to cxl. Girl climbs in my ride and I start trip. Mistake in my rear view there wrestling the guy for his keys. Finally everyone in the vehicle and off. Instantly when the guy up front said hey you in the back where do we drop you off. Im livid this drunk doesn't know anyone he just made friends with these people they had just got kicked out of the bar. They start arguing about the incident. Middle passenger starts screaming let me out I pull over and say everyone out they start fighting in the road I call the cops and pull off. I emailed uber about incident and watched my rating drop for the week. This dude thought he found a bus he had a beer also. I tried to get uber to not charge to avoid the 1 star but they said no so I up charged the xl.
POST # 1/@Mr. McDeezy: PROBLEMS ?
You.....Sir! You are the
Captain of the S.S. Sauced-a-lot by virtue

How have You avoided becoming ......
"The Vomit Comet"? Your Fellow Mem-
bers relief at You escaping unscathed
DOES NOT address Your Culpability-by-
Driving Shift-Choice.

Mentoring Bison Asks Tough Questions.
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