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So how are the DFW Airport pickups going?

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If anybody has been picking up at DFW, how's it going? How is it at the staging area? Crowded? Everything going smoothly?

My driving for Uber will basically only be driving co-workers/neighbors to the 2 airports and getting a pickup (hopefully in the vicinity of my house)
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A question I have is has anyone actually bothered to get the permit? I ask because a friend who also drives for UBER got a ping from Love Field and took it. He has no permit so I was very surprised that UBER even gave him the ping! If Manolo is still outside the airport and getting pings, begs the question if the permit has been obtained?
why would they bother sending the pins to only the drivers with permits? Send it to any driver. If they are not arrested, fine. If they are arrested, well we told you , you need a permit. You didn't listen. Deal with it youslrself. So. They have nothing to lose
While DFW is huge and probably has flights arriving at all times, there are obvious lulls. But once you see a few drivers head out from the queuing area, you know there is a good chance you will soon get a ping.
Terminal E sucks balls. Cannot wait till they finish their construction. It's a mess, though one of our busiest areas for pickups.
I have also noticed that going from terminal B staging area to Terminal A, is currently blocked due to construction, which means your pax will watch you drive away from them (such as towards the gates) so that you can take the detour (U-Turn) to get back to terminal A. I have had a pax cancel as I did that (whether that was his reason or not, who knows), so I would advise calling them prior to give a heads up.

Terminal D is nicely laid, though sometimes less clear on where to meet the pax as they do not have clear entry gates etc... just ranges. It appears we use the left lane pickup (the side designated for everyone else and limos) while taxis and shuttles use the right lane.

At the other terminals, yellow cones appear to mean designated taxi pickup areas, while blue cones and a few signs, seem to designate pre-arranged limo (which is the category we apparently fall into).
In some ways, Love Field seems more organized, though I have yet to see it nearly as swamped around the Ground Transportation / Transportation Network area, as they get at some of the DFW terminals.
Too many parked cars along the curbs of each terminal when it is busy at DFW.
The blue coned areas are for limousine pick up. There is a special tag for limousine, and a limousine permit is required. Uber x is not a limousine ☺ don't let me find you parked there.
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Not like ANYONE has clarified such rules, I learned this simply from observation.
Nor can you find any information about the cones or specific pickup rules on the DFW Airport website.
Our DFW sticker is Pre-Arranged... same as limos.
If you catch me there, you'd have to be quick. Doesn't take long to put a bag in and go.
Too many areas blocked off as it is there... with nothing spelled out as to who has to comply with it and who doesn't.
If you have documented proof stating otherwise, by all means provide it so we can all comply.
The ground transportation website has a set of documents with all the airport rules. I had to study them to take the test to get the dfw permit. Otherwise the ground transportation enforcement people might remind you of the rules. I spend more times at those blue spots since my trips are pre arranged way ahead of time ☺
Hmm. Then go for it. They do check to make sure you have a booked trip. They don't want drivers parked there while waiting for rides. So they ask for your passengers name, flight number to be shown. Paper, text, email, uber app...
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