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So how are the DFW Airport pickups going?

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If anybody has been picking up at DFW, how's it going? How is it at the staging area? Crowded? Everything going smoothly?

My driving for Uber will basically only be driving co-workers/neighbors to the 2 airports and getting a pickup (hopefully in the vicinity of my house)
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How moronic, your not even out there yet your an expert on arrivals. Why is it that I make most of my pickups at terminal E then? Oh that's because all the other non AA airlines go there...
When I first read his post, I did not take it like he was an expert on arrivals (in terms of how it affects drivers)... In fact he seemed to be asking how it is affecting drivers, based on knowledge he has on the industry, specifically AA...
While DFW is huge and probably has flights arriving at all times, there are obvious lulls. But once you see a few drivers head out from the queuing area, you know there is a good chance you will soon get a ping.
Terminal E sucks balls. Cannot wait till they finish their construction. It's a mess, though one of our busiest areas for pickups.
I have also noticed that going from terminal B staging area to Terminal A, is currently blocked due to construction, which means your pax will watch you drive away from them (such as towards the gates) so that you can take the detour (U-Turn) to get back to terminal A. I have had a pax cancel as I did that (whether that was his reason or not, who knows), so I would advise calling them prior to give a heads up.

Terminal D is nicely laid, though sometimes less clear on where to meet the pax as they do not have clear entry gates etc... just ranges. It appears we use the left lane pickup (the side designated for everyone else and limos) while taxis and shuttles use the right lane.

At the other terminals, yellow cones appear to mean designated taxi pickup areas, while blue cones and a few signs, seem to designate pre-arranged limo (which is the category we apparently fall into).
In some ways, Love Field seems more organized, though I have yet to see it nearly as swamped around the Ground Transportation / Transportation Network area, as they get at some of the DFW terminals.
Too many parked cars along the curbs of each terminal when it is busy at DFW.
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The blue coned areas are for limousine pick up. There is a special tag for limousine, and a limousine permit is required. Uber x is not a limousine ☺ don't let me find you parked there.
Not like ANYONE has clarified such rules, I learned this simply from observation.
Nor can you find any information about the cones or specific pickup rules on the DFW Airport website.
Our DFW sticker is Pre-Arranged... same as limos.
If you catch me there, you'd have to be quick. Doesn't take long to put a bag in and go.
Too many areas blocked off as it is there... with nothing spelled out as to who has to comply with it and who doesn't.
If you have documented proof stating otherwise, by all means provide it so we can all comply.
What happens when the dfw airport official waits with the passenger and than when he sees you don't have a sticker writes you up?
You are missing my point.
If you have a link or document, share it. Otherwise, why are you getting on our case? We want to cooperate, but we also have to be able to pick up are passengers and lately, they seem to be blocking off more and more areas with NOTHING that states we MUST comply with those cones etc.

(2) In the end, we all want to be able to pick up our passengers and get out of there quickly and efficiently. You think we are trying to make any one else's job harder? Yet they seem to have no problem making our job harder. It takes us seconds (less than a minute) to pick up and get out of there in many cases, yet so many other types of cars (taxis, vans, and cars of all types) litter the pickup area and take far longer to move along. I am more than willing to comply but I have yet seen ANYTHING saying I have to comply with the cones etc. Right now it just appears to be yet another effort by the existing 'other players' to stake claim on areas and suggest that we are doing something wrong. The Airport took the time to spell out every other aspect of how we must comply, why aren't they spelling out the arrivals pickup area and how the cones should work?

(3) As for the DFW officials present, from what I see, they simply want traffic to keep moving. They do not appear to be especially good at organizing the setup there and blockages are constantly happening, with little more than, "move along" being said or implied with their flashlights. I have watched passengers go off on the officers because the place is simply chaotic when it is busy. I have my proper identification and have always been willing to comply, so it's not like I am going to start arguing with the official IF they did stop me, I will simply ask, "What do you want me to do? I have a passenger waiting, tell me how you want me to comply and help this passenger get loaded and out of this chaos." Unless you show me something that states otherwise, the cones, etc appear to be a gray area that is not set in stone, nor even something they fully police. Like us, they want the traffic to keep moving along.

I look forward to them completing all the construction and hopefully things will be a lot more clear for all parties involved.
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