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So how are the DFW Airport pickups going?

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If anybody has been picking up at DFW, how's it going? How is it at the staging area? Crowded? Everything going smoothly?

My driving for Uber will basically only be driving co-workers/neighbors to the 2 airports and getting a pickup (hopefully in the vicinity of my house)
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ok gotcha I have not yet gotten my DFW airport sticker so I am sure you know better, I just thought that rideshare drivers had to go to a specific place before they went to pick up passengers
They are supposed to and if you get caught picking up without the sticker you will be banned from picking up from the airport. This isn't Uber saying that, it's airport officials, the city of Dallas and the city of Fort Worth. If enough drivers get caught, they'll keep Uber out of the airport, period. End of story. So it should go without saying that one needs to be careful or it will spoil it for the rest of us.
I believe the intent is that you're not supposed to be trolling or parked inside the airport except in the staging area. If you're legally parked outside the airport and get a ping, there's nothing they can do about that. I doubt Uber or Lyft are doing anything special with pings inside the airports. If you're parked outside the airport and get one, it's likely you were just the closest driver. I haven't looked to see where the staging area is, but I bet if you could find an off-site location that happened to be closer to a terminal than the staging area you'd get the ping every time.
According to an article in the Star Telegram, the airport has or is in the process of capping where the pings can go (not sure how that works) and the only way you are able to get the ping for a pickup is if you are in the staging area. Not sure when that or how that works but that is What I read.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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