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So how are the DFW Airport pickups going?

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If anybody has been picking up at DFW, how's it going? How is it at the staging area? Crowded? Everything going smoothly?

My driving for Uber will basically only be driving co-workers/neighbors to the 2 airports and getting a pickup (hopefully in the vicinity of my house)
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Pick ups No Bueno Amigo ! Dfw to downtown $12 net! And Uber tell the pax you don't have to tip those
Dudes! And if you don't like the driver for any reason
You can give him one star no body cares , or if you like you can complain to us we can fire him even for silly Complaint cause we have so many drivers to replace him.
Just to mention that FIFO is scam. Pings goes to the closest . Those A$$holes Uber think they are smart. If FIFO is for real ,then show me my number in the queue in the app, otherwise STUP Uber.
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1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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